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1. Each custom built boat begins with the design process. Each fishing boat owner has certain needs and wishes, and we have them develop their wish list based on type of fishing, location of mooring, distance to fishing grounds, geographical location, and comfort levels of accompany. We use the services of Donald L Bount and Associates, Inc. naval architects for the hull design and ride factor. A general interior and component layout is generated at this time, but fine tuning is performed by in-house engineers and designers.

2. Once we have a hull design, the jig frames are cut using a CNC machine to get the hull frame within 1/1000th. bowsmThe lay up of the hull is usually the most labor intensive, as the keel, stringers, chine, shear, and longitudinals are all constructed of the finest of fur wood and epoxiedtogether using the West System epoxy. This entire process is done with the hull upside down.

3. Next comes the planking process, where Okume plywood is used as the skin to construct the hull. Each piece is hand scribed to make for smglassprecision fits. Design criteria will determine whether 2 or 3 layers will be necessary.


4. The exterior is then fiberglassed with 2 layers and the keel has an additional layer of Kevlar for added protection. The entire hull is then fared and primed and ready for the hull to be flipped.


5. Once the fishing boat is upright, all jig frames are removed and the entire interior of the hull is glassed to ensure no water intrusion. Also sound dampening is applied to the hull.

6. The foredeck, helm floors, cockpit floors are being constructed while tanks, engines, mechanical, and electrical systems are being installed. They can be stick built or vacuum bagged and molded to save weights.


7. Our in house custom boat designers and engineers will fine tune the interior layouts with both 3D modeling and actual temp layouts in the hull for final touches. This is were the majority of the custom side comes into play. The interiors are all hand crafted along with the natural wood trims of the interior, toe rail, covering boards, cockpit and helm floors.

8. Upon a final hull coat of only the highest quality exterior yacht paint, the vessel is ready for a splash. In the water, the custom tower, riggers, and top helm stations will be completed. The end product results in an uncompromised, hand crafted, vision of the owners "wish list". The perfect Carolina Custom Boat!

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